Monday, November 24, 2008

The world is full of what she wants.

Quickly now, so the Montessorians don't hear...

My girl believes in Santa Claus. She's beginning to have childish wants, instead of just babyish needs. She is interested in Santa because she wants something, and she believes he can deliver. This feels like a big beginning to me, the beginning of Nuvy's desires. It also feels like a goodbye. Goodbye to the baby for whom I was everything.

There's also quid pro quo. If you are very, very good...

Before, if anyone asked me what Nuvy "wanted", I smiled to myself knowing she wanted nothing. There was no need I couldn't meet, and I just saw that turn on a dime. I just watched a great big well of want open up, and with it bubbled up excitement and anticipation, and all those wonderful wide-eyed emotions. They will be followed shortly by disappointment and loss and letdown, too. Someday, the "Believe" in Macy's window will look like a cheap "buy" to her, too, and she will begin to look for the machinery that drives the magic--but not yet.


My Child's Diary said...

I think it is the hardest thing in parenthood - to get used to the fact that with every day passing by, out children grow older. What a touching post! Happy Holidays! Miri

mom said...

Ahh yes, so very true.
xoxo mom

A Free Man said...

Hey there from the past. Found your blog through Facebook and am enjoying reading through. Your kids are gorgeous and it's interesting reading the Montessori stuff. We're thinking of moving our boy to a Montessori Day Care - sounds pretty good.

All the best,


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